by: Inge Lohse

The word “mundane” means worldly, and in astrology, refers to the houses of the chart because they rule worldly affairs – manmade conditions on the face of the Earth. An ingress chart is set for the entry of the Sun into the four cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Sun is always at zero degrees. An ingress chart can be set for any location. Setting the ingress chart for the capital city of a country indicates conditions for the entire country, as that country is being governed from that particular location.

Key Words for Houses in Ingress Charts


10 – The government in power; the ruler of the tenth is the leader

1 – Those being governed, the people or the populace

4 – The homeland, the opposition party, the weather, crops, natural resources

7 – The law courts, agreements, relations with neighbours


11 – Money expended by legislation, laws made by the government, House of Commons

2 – Money owned and invested, the country’s wealth, the budget

5 – Money speculated, ambassadors, the demise of the government in power

8 – Money owed by taxation, national debt, pensions


12 – Communications of the government not for public knowledge, caucus meetings

3 – Communications of the media, public opinion, email, speeches, picketing, post office, transportation, contracts

6 – Communications of the working force, unions, military, police

9 – Communications with foreign people, treaty decisions, customs, laws, traditions

Key Words for the Planets in Ingress Charts

In an ingress chart, the planet’s house position is more significant than the sign the planet occupies.


  • The focal point, the leader, the supreme authority, the affairs of children


  • The timing of changes, the mood of the common people, the land mass, everyday affairs, the women of the nation


  • The messenger, media, press, post office, transportation system, speeches, ambassadors, schools, basic education


  • The stabilizer in financial, social and cultural affairs


  • The force, aggression, armed forces, active revolutions, violent crimes, fires


  • The law, legal proceedings, royalty, ceremonies, the clergy, external affairs


  • The parameters, limitations, borders, traditions, responsibilities, the formal side of the government, the elderly


  • The objectives, the administration, inventions, scientific discoveries, rebellions, strikes, riots, explosions


  • The undisclosed, fraud, large institutions, charities, the sea, breweries, gas, oil


  • The masses, the underworld, atomic power, mines, scandal

Reference book: In The Beginning – Astrology by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson


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