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The Planets as pertaining to Trip Charts

  • Sun - attitude, individuality, ego, captain, driver, pilot
  • Moon - changes, emotional security, everyday affairs
  • Mercury - messenger, connections, documentation, maps
  • Venus - finances, luxuries, pleasures, relationships
  • Mars - action, the focal point, energy, instigator, engine
  • Jupiter - visibility, acceleration, expansion, luck, customs
  • Saturn - borders, inhibition, limitations, responsibility
  • Uranus - objectives, emergency, panic, surprises, friends
  • Neptune - victimization, de-ja-vu experiences, privacy
  • Pluto - exclusive, complications, credit cards, the masses
  • Moon's Nodes - destiny, social impact
  • Fortuna - improves the matters of the house it occupies

The Houses as pertaining to Trip Charts

  •  1 - Purpose of the trip - the trip itself
  •  2 - The cost of the trip - purchases
  •  3 - The environment - visiting
  •  4 - The outcome of the trip - the weather - lodging
  •  5 - The children on the trip - entertainment
  •  6 - Daily routine - dilemmas - anxieties - health
  •  7 - Interrelations on the trip with others
  •  8 - Credit cards used on the trip - loans
  •  9 - Learning experience of the trip - laws
  • 10 - The fate of the trip - official authorities
  • 11 - The objectives of the trip
  • 12 - The secrets of the trip

Trip Charts ~ Astrology for the Traveler  written by Inge Lohse and Liz Swoboda

To get a copy of the book: contact inge@astrologyedmonton.com

Also see Astrology for the Traveler: Weather Charts

The beginning of a trip or a vacation foreshadows the entire course of the trip and its' subsequent consequences.

So, it is very important to start a trip at a time that will give you the desired result that you seek.

The timing of your trip is determined when you have closed the door to your home and you are actually leaving, that is the chart that will work. You decide the time, thus you will have control.

Travel by land is ruled by Mercury                 Travel by air is ruled by Uranus

Travel by water is ruled by Neptune             Space travel is ruled by Pluto