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German Wings Airbus A320 Flight 9525 Crash

The plane took off from Barcelona at 10:01 am Local Time on March 24, 2015 on its way to Dusseldorf. The Airbus climbed to 38,000 feet within the next half hour. At 10:30 the plane made its final contact with air traffic control. It was a routine message about permission to continue on its route. One minute later it began to descend. The descent lasted nearly ten minutes before the last radar contact with the Airbus at 10:47. The Airbus crashed a few minutes later in a remote, snow-covered mountainous region of the French Alps killing all 150 people on board.

Flight Chart Delineation:

Saturn, critical at 4º Sagittarius rules the 9th house of foreign countries. A German airline crashes in the French Alps.

The Moon is ‘Void of Course’, conjunct the fixed star of Pleiades (often referred to as the “weeping sisters”) and quincunx the 6th house of stress. This says the scheduled take off time was delayed – putting the pilots under pressure to stay on schedule.

Neptune, Venus and the North Node form a YOD (the finger of destiny). Neptune, ruler of 11th house of unforeseen circumstances is quincunx the North Node. Venus is also quincunx the North Node and rules the 6th of dilemmas (also the co-pilot) and the 12th house of your own self-undoing. The North Node is conjunct the fixed star of Vindematrix (Widowhood).

Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter also form a YOD. Mercury, critical at 17 Pisces rules the 1st  house of the flight itself and quincunxes Jupiter. Pluto sits in the 8th house of death and is quincunx Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograde in the 3rd of communication and rules the 7th house of passengers (Saturn occupies the 6th house which is the 12th  house of the passengers).

The Sun represents the Pilot and is square the 2nd of the future and the 8th of death. The Sun is trine Saturn, ruler of the 8th – death mercifully came quickly. The Sun rules the 4th of the end of the flight (4th house is the grave)

The fate line (10th house), ruled by Uranus (unexpected electrifying shocks) is square chaotic and complicated Pluto in the 8th. Uranus square Pluto can be a violent aspect. Uranus rules the auto pilot. Mercury in Pisces (critical) rules the instruments (including the computer) of the plane and Mercury also rules the the trip itself (1st house). Neptune is squared by Saturn in 4º Sagittarius (critical) and disposits Mercury indicating confusion and limitations in communications, no communications at all.

Mars rules the engines of the airplane and basically has no applying aspects – negative or positive – so the engines were probably running. Maintenance work had been done on the aircraft the previous day and no defects were found according to news reports.

An unusual concealed equipment breakdown or malfunction prevents the controls from functioning or the captain was incapacitated and unable to stop the descending aircraft. The chart supports both situations. The Moon conjunct the weeping sisters foretells the outcome of this tragic flight. Jupiter is disposited by the Sun and trines Uranus. The Nodes of the Moon say destiny plays a big part in this event.

The transit chart for the time of impact has a critical 0 degree Cancer Ascendant and 3 Pisces MC, confirming the significant part the Moon and Sun played in the outcome of the flight. The captain was not in the cockpit, he was completely locked out by the co-pilot. The co-pilot was alone and in charge of the controls. He flew the airplane straight into the ground. He was on a suicide mission and he succeeded, confirmation of the YOD; Neptune (suicide) Venus (ruler of co-pilot) and the North Node (destiny).