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Egypt Air Flight MS 804 Crash

The plane took off on May 18, 2016 at 11:09 PM from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew members. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Cairo, Egypt about 4 hours later. At 1:48 am the flight was cleared to exit Greek airspace, the pilot was cheerful and thanked the controller.

This was the last contact with flight 804. It was a routine conversation and all seemed normal. At 2:27 am Athens traffic control tries to contact the pilots to transfer control from Greece to Egypt air space, but there is no response. At 2:29am MS 804’s signal drops from radar. The Egypt Airplane is still over the Mediterranean Sea at this time, about 180 km from the coast of Egypt. It is believed the plane crashed near the southern Greek island of Karpathos, killing all 66 people on board.

Flight Chart Delineation:

Pluto, at 17 Capricorn, is in the first house of the flight chart itself. Pluto is square the MC (10th house) and IC (4th house) which is the fate line of the chart. Pluto complicates matters and rules the 11th house of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

The Moon rules the 8th house of death and is ‘void of course’ (making no applying Ptolemaic aspects), however, the Moon will quincunx the Sun before it changes signs. The Sun also rules the 8th house of death and represents the Pilot in command. The Sun at 28 Taurus is conjunct the fixed star of Pleiades (often referred to as the ‘weeping sisters’). There is always something to cry about, when any planet is conjunct this fixed star.

Mercury, retrograde, rules the 6th house of dilemmas, the 7th house of the passengers, and the 9th house of long distance travel. Mercury is quincunx Saturn and trine Jupiter. Mercury rules the instruments of an aircraft. Adjustments are required, but difficult to attain.

Venus, dignified in the sign Taurus is almost conjunct the fixed star of ‘Agol Caput’ (often referred to as the Headless Medusa).  

Mars rules the airplane’s engines. Mars, in the fire sign of Sagittarius, rules the 4th house of the end of the flight, where we find Uranus, ruler of the 2nd house of the future. Uranus often triggers unexpected situations and in the sign of Aries, indicates an explosion or an electrical short circuit.

The transits for the time Flight 804’s signal drops from the radar tells of a sudden tragic end to this flight. The Moon at 27 Libra completes its’ square to the 2nd and 8th house cusp. The 4th house (the grave) is at 3 Cancer, quincunx violent Mars. The 11th house of sudden, unexpected and unforeseen circumstances reaches the critical degree of 26 Capricorn.

The chart has a Grand Earth Trine: Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto which promises there could be some positive lessons learned from this tragic event.