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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

 ASTROLOGY I : BEGINNERS COURSE   ....Commencing Tuesday January 30, 2018

Astrology is one of the most dynamic studies that can assist personal development through self-awareness. Due to the many profound thinkers that have entered its field, Astrology has reached profound levels of effectiveness applicable to the complexities of 21st Century living.

In this course, study your own personal dynamics through your birth chart and those of your loved ones. You will learn its many uses, and build the language of Astrology through the meaning of signs, planets, houses, and planetary combinations called aspects. No previous knowledge is necessary. Ample hand-outs are supplied, including your own natal chart.

10 Tuesday's commencing January 30, 2018       Cost $295.00

 ASTROLOGY V:  ADVANCED CHART READING COURSE .….. Commencing Wednesday January 17, 2018

Prerequisite includes understanding the basics of planets, signs, houses, aspects, as well as Progressions and Transits.

This is when a chart comes together in a synthesized form.  You will learn how to quickly and easily gain the basic thrust or theme of a chart, as its meaning begins to reveal itself.  A procedure will be outlined and then we will interpret a series of charts together from natal, to any date in life, to the current time.


Take advantage of learning from a master astrologer, both as a teacher and consultant.

10 Wednesday's commencing January 17, 2018     Cost 295.00


Date and location to be determined

A sitting for the ISAR Certification Competency Exam will be held in Edmonton in March.  

Further information will be forthcoming.

If interested, contact Chris for further information.

Astrology Classes  by Chris McRae ISAR.CAP, NCGR.CA, PMAFA

Certified Astrologer and Internationally recognized master teacher, consultant, International lecturer and author.

These classes are structured in a series of Semesters designed for study from beginners to advanced development.  

Chris has nearly 50 years experience teaching both locally and globally.

For further info on classes and registration, contact Chris at  780-469-2974  or email at cmcrae7@uniserve.com

Winter 2018 Astrology Classes