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Edmonton Astrological Society   Since 1977

EAS is celebrating its’ 41st year

The EAS (Edmonton Astrological Society) was founded by internationally acclaimed astrologer, Chris McRae.

The first meeting was held on Star Date:

December 10th 1977 at 1:58 PM  

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EAS Meeting Location

Homefire Grill

18210 - 100 Avenue

Consultations with Chris McRae  EAS Meeting Info Workshops and Chart Readings by Lesley Francis  Natal, Progressed & Solar Chart Readings by Betty Petruk  


Solar Return


How often have you heard OH! You're a SCORPIO!! And why do people have this reaction to the Scorpio Sun sign? Well, mainly because Scorpio has total ego. A Scorpio knows what he is and he knows what he is not, and it matters not what anyone else thinks. That is the way it is!

The Sun in Scorpio has an intense desire to investigate the nature of all things. They are prepared to dig deep to discover what makes you tick. A Scorpio can be relentless when on a trail of subterfuge. Scorpios possess strong will-power, and intense emotional desires. The desire to do everything perfectly makes it almost impossible for a Scorpio to delegate responsibility. Diplomacy is not part of their vocabulary. Scorpio's tell it like it is and expect you to deal with it.

The Sun here will defend justice to the death, if necessary. Scorpios are extremely loyal to friends and never forget a kindness, or, on the other hand, an insult.

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EAS Christmas Party

December 14, 2018

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Numerology Readings with Julie Carlin Consult The Sky with Tracy Quinlan 



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June 1-2, 2019

Frank Clifford



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